1.78 billion servings

Breedlove celebrated in producing over 1.78 billion servings since its establishment in 1994.

Stopped dehydration of potatoes.

Breedlove officially stopped dehydrating potatoes and all other food, due to high operational costs.

Became our own entity.

Breedlove officially became its own entity – separate from the SPFB.

USAID’s International Food Relief

Breedlove became the first nonprofit supplier to the USAID’s International Food Relief Partnership program. A program that we helped establish.

Stopped dehydrating

Breedlove stopped dehydrating fruits and vegetables.

Name Change

We changed our name from Breedlove Dehydrated Foods Inc. to Breedlove Foods Inc.

Severe food shortage in North Korea

Breedlove was approached by a faith-based organization working to mitigate a severe food shortage in North Korea. Breedlove responded on an at-cost basis and provided 33 ocean containers with over 30 million servings of food.

Guinness Book of Records

Breedlove was declared by the Guinness Book of Records to be the largest dehydration plant in the world, specifically focusing on humanitarian aid.

Breedlove's Incorporation

Is the year of Breedlove’s Incorporation.

Operations Began.

Breedlove Dehydrated Foods’ operations began.