Ribbon Cutting

On Oct. 15, Breedlove held a ribbon-cutting ceremony.


H.A. and Barbara Sessions and J.T. and Margaret Talkington donated the Litton Industries building (48,000 square feet) and 42 acres of land at North Loop 289 and MLK Jr. Blvd to Breedlove. The plant was named after Aulyne and Clent Breedlove, parents of Mary Louise Breedlove Kingsbery; she and her husband, Bill, made the initial contribution, which was the catalyst for the project.


The SPFB received a donation of 29 acres of farm land (56th St. and MLK Jr. Blvd.) as site for Breedlove Food Processing plant – It was a former air training area that, founder, Mary Louise Breedlove Kingsbery’s father had owned during World War II. – It was later developed as an apple orchard when an existing building and property were found for the dehydrated food project (Breedlove).

The Earliest Incarnation

The South Plains Food Bank (SPFB) opened.

Norma Ritz Johnson

Lubbock Chamber of Commerce – Executive Vice President
Norma Ritz Johnson serves as the Executive Vice President on the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce where she is responsible for legislative and governmental relations as well as transportation, agriculture and health care.

All donations go into restrictive funds that are only used towards special projects. The funds are used on the cost of products and freight to get them to their destination - to feed those in need. To learn more about our financials, please visit our profile on GuideStar at www.guidestar.org or here on our website on the "Donate" page.

We receive funds from grants, individual/corporate donations, and client partnerships.

No. We do not currently sell in stores, online, or at our facility. We are solely focusing on providing humanitarian aid to food-insecure communities through our various partnerships.

We process a variety of RUF formulations featuring Vitanut Pro®. Vitanut Pro®, an energy-dense, nutritionally fortified peanut paste product, is designed to meet the requirements of moderately and severely malnourished individuals. The product consists of a cereal-soy base that is fortified with vitamins and minerals, peanut paste, and canola oil. Its texture and flavor can be compared to peanut butter. It offers high protein and has been designed to provide high-nutrient absorption. The shelf life has been tested and is fully stable for up to 24 months under extreme temperature conditions.

What makes the Fortified Rice Blend unique is the addition of recomposed, vitamin and mineral enriched rice kernels called NutriRice™. These enriched rice kernels are formed by hot extrusion of rice flour, therefore protecting the incorporated vitamins and minerals from being lost during the cooking process. The new technology developed by DSM and Buhler produces rice kernels that are indistinguishable from unfortified rice.