Potatoes Preparedness Pails

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A super solution for a fast addition to any meal.

Preparedness Pails

Soup Variety Preparedness Pail

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$80.00 $72.00

A delicious assortment in four flavor varieties.

Preparedness Pails

Yes. Breedlove is a 501(c) corporation, and is wholly non-profit. This also means that any donations you make to Breedlove are tax-deductible.

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New Breedlove Website on a Desktop Computer

New Website

Breedlove s is proud to unveil its new website. In development for some time, the new website will offer much more robust information for the public, for our donors, and our partners working abroad.

The new site will also allow expedient updating, the ability to react more quickly to world/hunger events, and offer new features going forward.

Bill Miller


Linkedin Mr. Miller accepted the helm of Breedlove Foods, Inc. after a lengthy career in business and administration, most recently as Director of the Reese Center.

Mark Wentling

Director for Africa Relations

Linkedin [Leave of Absence] Mr. Wentling has lengthy experience in humanitarian initiatives, and is the author of several books, including "An African Trilogy." He spearheads Breedlove's extensive relief operations on the African Continent.

Michelle Logan

Marketing & Government Relations Manager

Linkedin Ms. Logan has extensive experience in organizational marketing, and held responsible positions directing marketing and product promotion prior to joining Breedlove.

Person X

Mr. X has over 20 years experience in physical plant operations, and is responsible for coordinating Breedlove's central processing operation.