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Breedlove's New "Hope to Haiti" Initiative

The Philanthropy Journal News Website has highlighted Breedlove's lastest initiative, which is being launched with partner Operation Hope. Read more...

Ecuador Earthquake - 2016

Breedlove Highlighted in Philanthropy Journal News

Mark Wentling, Director for Africa Relations at Breedlove, contributed an article to the Philanthropy Journal News Website. Read more...

Ecuador Earthquake - 2016

Article on Headlines for the Hopeful

Mark Wentling, Director for Africa Relations at Breedlove, was interviewed by the news website Headlines for the Hopeful. The article describes Breedlove's mission and its technological processes involved in producing nourishing food.

Hands Holding Rice for the Hungry

What We Do: Innovative Humanitarian Relief

Breedlove provides food for the world's hungry, from the United States to over 65 countries around the world. Our foods are utilized in educational and medical institutions, nursing homes, in disaster relief operations, and abroad, where people are vulnerable to food insecurity.

Our Mission

Partnering globally to provide nutritious food to the world's most vulnerable.

Excellent Nutrition

Our foods are nutritionally complete, offering great nutrition and taste.

Scalable to Match Purpose

We can package food for the needs of the individual to shipping millions of servings in multiple ocean containers.

Responsive to Need

We work with partners around the globe in their plans to help feed countless populations, and we can also respond promptly when entire regions are affected by disaster.


The Hungry

According to World Food Programme figures, some 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. That's about one in nine people on earth, and that poor nutrition causes nearly half (45%) of deaths in children under five - 3.1 million children each year. We work to fight these grim odds and provide nourishing food to those who are hungry.

The Malnourished

One out of six children -- roughly 100 million -- in developing countries is underweight, and one in four of the world's children is stunted. In developing countries the proportion can rise to one in three. We devise and provide meals that, under a food designer and dietician's careful planning, provide proper nourishment and which taste great.

The Poor

Ravaged economies around the world impact the poor most acutely. Sixty-six million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing world, with 23 million in Africa alone. When there simply isn't money for food, Breedlove strives to help people around the globe receive adequate food through an amazing global network of partners.

The Survivors

When natural disaster strikes, or entire regions are affected by war or civil unrest, we help assure that good, clean food is available. To date, millions of Breedlove servings have helped survivors of tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes (including first responders).

The Nutritionally Frail

Poor nutrition makes a person much more likely to contract disease, suffer from illness and reduces the effectiveness of medication. With adequate nutrition, like Breedlove's foods, those suffering from illness have an increased ability to recover.

Children in Indonesia With Breedlove Food

About Us

Breedlove is a commercial-sized non-profit food processor committed to transforming lives by partnering globally to provide nutritious meals to the world's most vulnerable.

A Bit of History

Breedlove Food Collage Showing Children With Food & Various Breedlove Food Servings


Breedlove has been in existence since 1994, with its beginning as the vision of Mary Louise Breedlove Kingsbery (June 2, 1925 - March 30, 2010). Mary served as an active board member of the South Plains Food Bank at the time, and was particularly instrumental in the birth and success of what was then to be known as the Breedlove Food Dehydration Plant, named after Ms. Kingsbery's parents.

Breedlove has seen tremendous growth over the years, achieving amazing milestones such as distributing more than 1.5 billion servings of food globally since we began in 1994. Our numerous partners in the field utilize our food in their programs in over 65 countries.

Breedlove exists because of the kindness and compassion of the human heart, and our donors are the vital life blood of what we together are able accomplish. Consider a donation today.

  • Non-profit Organization Established in 1994
  • Operate Our Own Food Plant, Processing Vegetable & Grain Products of All Kinds
  • 21 Year History Helping People in Over 65 Countires
  • Over 1.5 Billion Servings of Food Produced

Quick Facts

The overall statistics regarding world hunger are staggering, and often overwhelming:



We have innovative programs to advocate and create dialogue about food insecurity and hunger problems both at home and abroad.

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