Breedlove CEO Bill Miller​Breedlove has been a proven leader in innovative food design, integration, and production to respond to world hunger and food crises across the globe since 1994. I have been fortunate to serve in leadership within various foundations and boards, which serve the less fortunate. 

The Breedlove team has shown me and those we serve, a heart and focus upon a mission which I had not previously encountered - a mission to feed those facing food insecurity, in over 67 countries through over 80 profit and not-for-profit partnerships.

There will always be hunger and a need that demands a response. At Breedlove, we believe that one person through one team and one organization can make a difference and serve the world…all from Lubbock, Texas.

In order for us to transform lives through hope and encouragement, we need your support to continue this tradition and actively work to meet the demands of a growing, changing, and hungry world.