Devastating Earthquake Damage in Ecuador

Ecuador Earthquake Relief

LUBBOCK, TX (April 19, 2016) - Breedlove has confirmed plans to send a 40ft container filled with our Lentil Blend to victims of the devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Ecuador. The container will provide one million servings of food.

While we are still formulating the details of the response plan, we are moving quickly to ensure the container is delivered to those in need as soon as possible. The effort is being collaborated with a trusted mission based partner, Ecuadorian Evangelical Christian and Missionary Alliance.

People in Hunger-torn Africa

Breedlove For Africa National Campaign

Breedlove Foods Inc. Launches National Campaign to Benefit Africa During Severe Food Shortage

LUBBOCK, TX (January 29, 2016) - Breedlove Foods, Inc. launched its national campaign "Breedlove for Africa: Spreading Hope One Meal at a Time" (#Breedlove4Africa) on Friday, January 29, 2016 with the goal of raising $75,000 in an effort to send three containers of its dehydrated food blends to countries in eastern and southern Africa. The donation is a response to the current food crisis caused by the worst drought the continent has suffered in nearly five decades.

About Us

Breedlove provides food for the world's hungry, from the United States to over 65 countries around the world. Our foods are utilized in educational and medical institutions, nursing homes, in disaster relief operations, and abroad, where people are vulnerable to food insecurity.